Opioid Exposed Children

Was your child exposed to opioids before birth?

We will help you determine whether you are eligible to get the money your child deserves.

Opioid Exposed Children

Babies born dependent on opioids

There is an unprecedented opioid epidemic sweeping across the U.S., one that has impacted our nation’s most vulnerable. Infants born opioid-dependent will threaten the budgets of every family and every political subdivision in our country unless we act to protect them.

Opioid-dependent children will have life-long medical needs, and we can no longer ignore the burden these boys and girls are being asked to pay with their physical and mental well-being.

Our nation’s children, especially our newborns, are suffering in this nation’s clinics and hospitals from real, provable damages related to their parents’ addiction to prescription opioids.

U.S. Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) births are drastically under-reported due to independent state reporting systems. Some states, like Texas, still do not report NAS statistics. Our experts believe only one in five NAS newborns are captured by this broken reporting system.

Here are the Facts*:


Foster Care Impacts

*These facts provided by our medical expert Dr. Brent Bell